Cheese Making Classes

The CVM Store is proud to announce that we have paired with award winning cheese maker Sheana Davis from the Epicurean Connection to offer classes and cheese making supplies such as cultures, molds, cheese cloth, and additional supplies.

Sheana Davis breaks down the barriers to cheesemaking, making it accessible, easy and fun with her energetic and hands-on class.

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed with locally crafted wine and an artisanal cheese tasting, allowing participants to explore different types of handcrafted cheeses prior to creating their own.

Friday August 3rd, 1-3 pm: Ricotta

Creme de Ricotta, hands on cheesemaking of a fresh cow milk cheese.


Friday, April 6th 1–3 pm
Chevre, Creme Fraiche, & Fromage Blanc

This class will walk you through making fresh cultured cheeses. We will taste each cheese and create a blended cheese to finish off the class tasting.

Friday May 4th, 1–3 pm: Feta

Together as a class, we will create two cheeses, a Goat Milk Feta. Each guest will take home a block of Feta to age & enjoy at home.

Friday June 1st, 1-3 pm: Sour Cream, Yogurt, and Buttermilk

Sour Cream, Yogurt (Two Ways” and Buttermilk (Two Ways)

Friday July 6th, 1–3 pm: Mozzarella

Hands on Mozzarella Class:
Learn how to make and stretch Mozzarella.

This fun, informative class includes wine tasting, cheese tasting, and questions and answers throughout the class.

CVM Store Cheese Classes

Everything you need to make cheese at home including cultures, molds, cheese cloths and cheese supplies will be available to purchase at The CVM Store.

  • Class cost is $35.00
  • Each class is limited to 20 participants.
  • Call Martha at 707-938-7917 to reserve your spot.

Please call Martha at the CVM Store, 707-938-7917, to reserve your spot.  The class is limited to 20 participants.  Class cost is $35.00