Cheese Making Classes

Award winning cheesemaker Sheana Davis breaks down the barriers to cheesemaking, making it accessible, easy and fun with her energetic and hands-on class. Click here to see the specific schedule.

Olive Oil Tasting

We offer Olive Oil Tasting to groups of five or more, by appointment only. Tastings cost $5 per person. Call Martha at The CVM Store to reserve Now!


beermakingIntroduction to Beer and Brewing

Saturday October 27th  1-3 pm

The class is free, but please sign up with Martha so we can control attendance.


John Arends will take us on a journey from grain to glass.  Topics covered will include:

  • The History of Brewing
  • The Rise of Craft Brewers
  • The Brewing Process
  • Ingredients in Beer
  • Overview of Beer Styles
  • Beer Tasting

John Arends has been an avid homebrewer in Sonoma County for 25 years.  He's given many lectures over the years.  He's judged numerous regional and national competitions through the years and enjoys sharing his knowledge with the others.


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How to Make Red Wine Vinegar with Sheana Davis

Friday November 9th  1-3 pm

Complementary wine tasting included in class. $35 per person, class limited to 15 participants.

Past Events

Exploring the usage of sulfur in wine

Friday June 29th, 1 pm

wine lab logo

Sulfur has been used in winemaking since the Romans, but why do we use it? Join us as the Home Wine Lab experts answer this question and many more including:

  • How does sulfur interact with wine?
  • Is sulfur necessary?
  • When should you use sulfur in the winemaking process?
  • How much sulfur should you use?

After the presentation we will conduct a question and answer session with a free wine tasting.

Irrigation Workshop with David Cook • FREE

vineyard irrigation

Friday June 8th, time TBA

Laying out an irrigation system? Struggling with constant leaks and drainage issues? Tying in new technology with an older, existing system?

David Cook, owner of Cook Vineyard Management will discuss optimal irrigation for vineyards, trouble shooting and comment on new technology. Afterwards, David will answer questions from the audience.

Straw Bale Gardening

Friday June 15, 1-3 pm • FREE

The CVM Store in Sonoma is proud to collaborate with Marybeth & Rick Hull to present Straw Bale Gardening.

This informative class will explore the benefits of straw bale gardening along with clear, practical application techniques.

Straw Bale gardening is a great option for disabled gardeners, gardeners with limited space, or the beginner gardener.

Classes are held at the CVM Store:

19626 Eighth Street East
Sonoma, CA  95476

Even for free classes, please sign up so we can keep track of enrollment.

Email: cookvineyardmanagementstore@yahoo.com

Call Martha at 707-938-7917 to reserve your spot!